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Abergavenny is a Market town in the county of Monmouthshire, in Wales. It is situated fifteen miles (twenty four kilometres) West of Monmouth town centre. Abergavenny is known as the 'Gateway to Wales' and located at the confluence of a stream, named the Gavenny, and the River Usk. The town was once the site of a Roman fort, the Gobannium. The town has a population of just fewer than fifteen thousand. Abergavenny is surrounded by two mountains the 559m Blorenge and the 596m Sugar Loaf.


The town is at the site of the Roman fort, Gobbanium, the fort guarded the road along the valley of the Usk River, which was an important rout. The remains of the Gobannium fort were discovered during the late 1960's during the excavation process for a new building. Abergavenny has had a cattle market on its current site since the mid nineteenth century. These days the market is leased and operated by Abergavenny Market Auctioneers Ltd., who often hold livestock auctions on the site. Market days are Tuesday , (a Fodder auction, the sale of finished sheep, and cull ewe/store,) Fridays occasionally, the sale of cattle, and several other sales are held on the site on other days during the year.

Places of Interest:

  • The Town Hall and the Market: Abergavenny's town hall with its green pointed top is the town's most famous building. The town hall building was constructed in 1807. It is primarily used to hold meetings for the local council but there's also a theatre that has been operating for hundreds of years. The ground floor of the hall is the venue of a lively indoor market. Various markets are held here the flea market is held on the fourth Thursday of every month, the farmers market is held on the third Sunday of every month. An antique fair and a craft fair are also held every month.

  • The Museum: The Abergavenny museum is located in a keep of the Abergavenny Castle, the museum has many items on display that include photos and other memorabilia related to the town. The museum also offers different activities for children and has many different exhibitions on various subjects. Entry to the museum is free; you can plan your tour to the museum by visiting the website of Abergavenny Museum which has details of timings of various exhibitions.

  • The Linda Vista Gardens:
  • The Linda Vista Gardens translating to the Beautiful Gardens are beautiful indeed. The soothing and serene gardens were opened for public way back in 1843. The garden has different species of plants and shrubs, some of them are extremely rare. Flower exhibitions are also held here.
  • Castle Meadows: If you plan to get away from the lively life of the town center you can visit the castle meadows. A beautiful and peaceful area for picnics and evening strolls the large meadows take you past the Usk River to the bridge at Llanfoist. Locals use the meadows for grazing cattle; it is also used as a landing site by the hand gliders who descend from the Blorenge Mountain.

  • The Sugarloaf Vineyard: The Sugarloaf Vineyard is located merely at a distance of one mile from the town center is a full fledged vineyard offering some spectacular vines from the grapes grown on the slopes of the Sugarloaf. A visit to the vineyard is a soothing experience; once you have basked in the serene environment of the vineyard you can go to the gift shop to taste some samples.


Abergavenny Events:

The Abergavenny fireworks display is an annual event held on the 5th of November each year. The event has been taking places regularly since 1968 and is held at Belgrave Park.


Abergavenny has a football cub the Abergavenny Thursdays F.C which was formed in 1927 and now plays in the Gwent Country League Division 3. The club has previously played in the Welsh top division; the club also won the Welsh Football League twice in 1991 and 1992. The club was last relegated from the top flight in 2001 and from that setback has slipped two further divisions into the current Division 3.

The Abergavenny Cricket Club is one the oldest clubs in the country and was established way back in 1834. The club's home ground is the Pen-y-Pound. The town also has a Rugby club known as the Abergavenny RFC which was established in 1875.  The town has hosted the British National Cycling Champions thrice in 2007, 2009 and in 2014.