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Aldershot is a town located in the county of Hampshire, on heathland approximately sixty kilometres (37 miles) South West of London. Aldershot is famous for it's connection with the British army. For this reason it led to fast growth from a village to a large town. These days, Aldershot is called the 'Home of the British Army'. Aldershot Military Town is the area between Aldershot and North Camp, close to Farnborough. Aldershot is a garrison town, that serves as the area for the military presence. It houses Aldershot Garrison's barracks, Army playing fields and married quarters.The town has a small population of thirty-six thousand however the wider Aldershot Urban area has a total population of 243,000.


Aldershot is also known as the 'Home of the British Army' because it used to be a training camp for the Army back in the 1850's. The town got its name from the Alder trees that are found in abundance in the area. Aldershot was hardly known before the 1850's, and the area around the town was a wasteland, not suitable for agriculture and had very few inhabitants. During the Crimean War in the year 1854 the first permanent training facility, The Aldershot Garrison was established for the British Army. After the establishment of the Aldershot Garrison, Aldershot's population saw a huge influx. It grew from merely 875 people in 1851 to almost 16,000 in 1861.

Transport and Communication:

Aldershot is close to a number of motorways which include the M3, A3 and the M25; they connect the town to London and to the South Coast. One of Europe’s top business airports, the Farnborough airport is located at a distance of just 5 miles from Aldershot. Heathrow airport and the London Gatwick airport are also within a 45 miles radius. Aldershot’s railway station and the bus station are located on the Station road. Variety of bus services are available in the town.


There are a number of schools in Aldershot; furthermore two new primary schools are also being established. The capacity of the already present secondary schools is also being expanded.


The town has numerous parks, playgrounds and open spaces. Apart from them there are some excellent sports facilities which include a Gymnastics Academy, a fully fledged Tennis Center, a Bowling Arena, number of Pools and a Dry Ski Center. Aldershot's local football team is known as the Aldershot Town Football Club, the clubs plays in the Football Conference. Aldershot Football Clubs biggest success in recent years has been a 4th round match against the Premier League giants Manchester United in the Carling Cup. The match was played at the Recreation Ground in Aldershot. The city also has a cricket club and a rugby club.








Aldershot Landmarks:

The Wellington Statue is a monument of the First Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, who later became the Prime Mister of United Kingdom. The statue was initially placed on the Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner but was moved to Aldershot in 1885.

The Aldershot observatory is red brick building in the Aldershot Military Town. The building is circular in shape and has a doomed roof. The observatory and the telescope were given t the British Army as a gift from aviation pioneer Patrick Young Alexander