Anglesey Airport Car Hire

Anglesey Airport is located at Llanfair yn Newubwll village on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. The airport is owned by the Isle of Anglesey Country Council, the land on which the airport lies is leased from the Defense Infrastructure Organization.  Since the middle of 2007, a subsidized weekday air service operates between Anglesey Airport and Cardiff Airport. The aim of this subsidized service is to improve the economy of Anglesey and North Wales. The airport is also used by the Royal Air Force to provide training on the BAE Systems Hawk and to provide training to aircrew for search and rescue missions. The airfield has been in use since the early 1941. It was used in the World War 2 to provide defensive cover to the industrial area in England's north-west and to provide cover to ships in the Irish Sea Plans put forward back in 2006 by the National Assembly for Wales, have led to a weekday air service between Anglesey Airport and Cardiff Airport.

Airport Destinations:

The airport accommodates flights to only one city, Cardiff. On average the airport handles around 8,000 passengers every year. International flights are available from Cardiff airport. Two flights are available daily from Monday’s to Friday’s. The flights have greatly reduced the travel time from the Isle to city of Cardiff. Shuttle service is available on Cardiff airport that takes you to the city in approximately 20 minutes.

The Terminal building:

The passenger terminal of the airport is a single storey building; it has a small check in counter, a departure lounge, baggage handling facility and a few desks to provide information to the travellers. The New Terminal of the airport was built in 2007 at a cost of £1,500,000, and is a single storey building with a departure lounge, check-in desk, and baggage handling areas. There are also visitor information areas.

The Isle Anglesey:

The Isle of Anglesey or the Yns Mon is an Island that lies off the Welsh north-west coast. The Island is connected to the mainland by two bridges over the Menai Strait. With an area of close to 714 square kilometers the Island is the largest Island in Wales. According to the latest census conducted in 2011 the Island has a population of close to 70,000. There are a number of natural lakes on the Island; the lakes include Llyn Llywenan, Lyn Coron, and Cors Cerrig y Daran among others. Most of the people on the Island make their living through agriculture and tourism. The Island attracts close to two million people each year to its sand beaches and amazing coastline. Some of the popular activities available for tourists include sailing, cycling, beach walks, wind surfing and jet skiing.