Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Aylesbury is a town located in the county of Buckinghamshire, in South East England. The town has a population of 59,000 according to the 2011 census. It is located at a distance of approximately 36 miles (58 kilometres) from London. Many new housing states have been established in Aylesbury since the 1950’s to ease the pressure on housing needs in London. Traditionally the town was a market town and commercial centre.By the late nineteenth century the bookbinders and printers Watson and Viney and Nestle and Hazell, were the two main employers in the town, employing more than 50% of the total population.

These days Aylesbury is still an important commercial centre, and the market still meets on the cobbles of the old Market Square several times a week. Nestle and Hazell, Watson and Viney are no longer there, and also the US Automotive parts producer TRW, who left the town in 2006. But 3 major industrial centres means Aylesbury has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK. Aylesbury is served by the A41 major road, which runs between London and Birkenhead.


According to some estimates the town dates back to 4th century BC. Aylesbury used to be a stronghold for ancient Britons. However it was taken from them in 571 by the Saxons. According to folklore William the Conqueror provided the citizens of Aylesbury and made it compulsory for them to provide straw for his bed, herbs for his chamber whenever he visits the town. The town also played an important part during the English Civil War; it was the main stronghold of the Parliamentarian forces. The town hit international news in 1960 as the robbers of the Great Train Robbery were brought here to be tried at the Aylesbury Crown Court. The robbery took place on the Bridego Bridge which is at a distance of just 10 kilometers from the town.

Aylesbury Attractions:

The town has a host of different pubs, bars and nightclubs, most of the late night venues are located near the cinema and the Kingsbury Square. The town is dotted with restaurants with some great places to eat. It is also home to the largest independent arts center in the United Kingdom. There are also plan to add 260, 000 square feet retail floor which is expected to generate above 100 new jobs. There are two main shopping centers in the town center, the Friars Square and the Hale Leys, both of these are covered which makes it possible to shop in any kind of weather. The town was given a fund of 1 million pounds to become a Cycling Demonstration Town (one of only six in England). With this fund the Buckinghamshire Country Council has taken steps to increase the use of cycles among the public. Cyclists have been provided a number of facilities like bike lockers and bike stands.


There are plenty of schools and other educational institutes in Aylesbury. Apart from the host of primary schools, the town has seven secondary schools which include an all girls and an all boy’s school. There are two schools for children with special needs. There is also a music school by the name of Aylesbury Musical Center, which has produced many members of the national orchestras.


Aylesbury has two football teams, the Aylesbury FC and the Aylesbury United FC; both these clubs are semi-professional football teams. The town has a cricket club which was established way back in 1837.







Places of Interest in Aylesbury:

Some of the must visit places of the town is the beautiful £47 million Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, which has a seating capacity of 1,200, it was opened in 2010. The Buckinghamshire County Museum, which has many artifacts relating to the history of the region, many art exhibitions are also held here. The King's Head Inn public house dating back to 1455 is located near the Market Square and is a must see place.