Basildon Car Hire

Basildon is a town situated in the county of Essex in England, approximately 28 miles (45km) to the East of London. After the second world war it was known as a new town, to cater for the large overspill number of people living in London. The Festival Leisure park is one of the most famous attractions in Basildon. With a couple of hotels and health clubs, restaurants and a large multi-screen cinema and much more, it attracts many visitors. Located in Essex, the fairly large town of Basildon is located in a region in a close proximity to London. Basildon is fairly a new town, established only after World War two. It is where people living in London transferred to after the war. The trip from Basildon to Central London is not that far; it is just an hour’s worth of travel. There are also three stations in Basildon that connect to the Fenchurch Street in London, thus making travel so much easier and hassle free.

Being close to London and with many of its residents originally from the capital, Basildon was heavily influenced by the city’s looks and ways. And that can still be observed up to this date. Many of the town’s residents came from Peckham and Hackney. And a good percentage of them still work in Central London and nearby areas. Although there are many people of multi-racial backgrounds also living in the area, London’s signature is clearly all over the place. There are many stores and high street boutiques at the town center. As a matter of fact, it is one of its major attractions. The Eastgate Shopping Centre, for one, is home to more than 100 stores. There are also shopping outlets situated in the Westgate Shopping Park. Aside from merchandise, fashion items, and designer finds, there are many market stalls in Basildon where fresh produce and household goods are sold.

There is a newly opened Wakeboarding complex here. If you are an avid follower of this hobby, Basildon is a great place for you. The town accommodates both amateur and professional wakeboarders. So whether you’re an expert or a newbie, you are welcome here. The Festival Leisure Park must be one of the most famous parks here. It has many restaurants, two hotels, a bowling center, and arcade, the Empire cinema, a very large nightclub, and two health clubs. Coming here for some leisure is indeed worth the trip. Drop by during the weekend and the fun doubles. The architecture is also well worth exploring, and although it's a town, Basildon has many tall buildings than any other town like it. So if you want to go sightseeing, start your trip at the Brooke House located at the town center. Then check out the statue of the Mother and Child. Move around town a little bit more and you’ll find enough interesting structures to feast your eyes on.