Bedford Car Hire

Bedford is a town in the county of Bedfordshire in England. The population of the town was nearly 80,000 back in 2005. The larger surrounding towns such as Luton, Northampton and Milton Keynes have bigger populations (around 135,000). The town has about ten local areas. The Great Ouse river runs through the centre of Bedford with The Embankment gardens running alongside the river. There is a first world war memorial situated in these gardens. Kempston along with Renhold and Elstow are some of the small towns that are located near Bedford. Bedford is a county town with a strong character, and has more than what meets the eye. It is generally a rural area with lots of beautiful things to see, do, and appreciate. If you prefer living in a smaller, more laid-back, and a calmer locality, Bedford might just be the town that you’re looking for. Bedford is very green and pretty. And it has got a few age-old and historic structures that you’ve got to see. Transportation is very good here, as there are many links to almost all other parts of England.

Bedford has many notable landmarks that both local and foreign travelers should stop by and see. Some of the most interesting things in town are The Great Ouse River, The Embankment, The Bedford War Memorial, Bedford Castle Mound, St Paul's Church, Bedford Park, Priory Country Park, Cardington Airship Hangers, Higgins Art Gallery and Museum, Bedford Corn Exchange and the University of Bedford. Traveling to Bedford can be a fulfilling experience if you know exactly what to do while in town. If you have already seen Bedford’s prized landmarks as listed above, here now are the other things that may take up the rest of your time. Do you know that Bedford has over 20 golf courses? That’s a total of 477 square miles of golfing fun for enthusiasts like you. Given Bedford’s total land area, expect to find at least one golf course in every 25 square miles. This shows you how green this town really is.

Bedford can fill your tummy with delicacies from all over the world. However, this is the part of the UK where you can taste the best Italian dishes. So instead of flying to Italy for the same stuff, Bedford is ready to give you the same gastronomic experience. Like most UK cities, shopping is a major activity here. In Bedford, that’s a guarantee too. This town has an impressive marketplace, a town center, and Harpur Center that can give anyone their required dose of shopping adventure. Find the right place for whatever you want to buy and you’ll surely get it pretty and nice. Your choices for a market are the Bedford Gourmet Market, Farmers Market, and the Garden Market and Arts. At the town center, head for the Castle Quarter for your dose of shopping adventure. Inside the Harpur Centre, you’ll most likely find all your favourite stores. Let the charms of Bedford get the most out of you. You’ll love it here for sure. Come on over for a different kind of relaxing adventure.