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Bracknell is a town situated approximately eleven miles (17.6km) from Reading and about ten miles (16km) to the South west of Windsor. Bracknell is surrounded by wooded areas (Crowthorne and Swinley woods). Many highly technical companies have chosen the town to place one of their branches there. These include Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and many more. Also Waitrose has a head office and distribution centre on a very large site on an Industrial Estate. Winchester house in one of the largest landmarks in Bracknell, It stands over eleven storeys high and can be recognised from more than 1.5km away.

Bracknell: The Ultimate Leisure Town in England:

Bracknell is a small town west of central London. It may have less than 60,000 in population but enjoys thriving economy and rich arts and culture. And because it is a town with nice shopping places, a football club, and large parks, it’s one of the places to be when all you wanted is a little quiet and peace away from London. The town is home to a lot of high-tech industries, which is the reason why it is flourishing. Some of the multinational companies with offices here are Panasonic, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, and Siemens. The many manufacturing and industrial businesses in the area also contribute to the town’s economy.

Popular Attractions:

Bracknell has a lot to offer to its guests, aside from sports activities and leisure shopping. Because of its many parks, and ponds, relaxation will come naturally to you. Below is a list of the places that you can visit while here:

  1. Bracknell Leisure Center – where there are swimming pools, sports halls, a gym, and a spa available.
  2. The Look Out Discovery Center – a place for young minds to discover interactive science and nature.
  3. Coral Reef – A water world theme park where swimming pools and rapids are available. Sauna, steam room, and health studios are offered as well.
  4. Downshire Gold Complex – a place where you will find an 18 and a 9-hole pitch. There’s also a driving range and a golf shop inside.
  5. Edgbarrow Sports Center – The perfect place to play some badminton and squash. It is also the venue for the children’s holiday clubs, courses, and classes
  6. Different parks – the list includes the Bill Hill Ancient Monument, Caesar’s Camp, Englemere Pond, Lily Hill Park, Pope’s Meadow, South Hill Park, Shepherd Meadows, and the Westmorland Park.









Things to do in Bracknell:

There’s a plethora of wonderful things to see and do in Bracknell. Because of its open parks and the waters, the most popular activities include cycling, fishing, horseback riding, and leisure walking. There are different events held in the town as well, although its focus is mostly on conserving the town’s wildlife and natural resources.

How To Get There: Bracknell can be accessed easily from almost anywhere in England. Travelling via bus and train is very common, if you would rather use the public transportation. There’s a local bus service and coaches operating in the area that can take you anywhere in and out of town. As for trains, you can either take the South West Trains or the First Great Western trains to bring you to Bracknell and nearby locations.