Bromley Car Hire

Bromley is a suburban district of Greater London, in the county of Kent, England. This district is not served by the London underground, but has bus services to small towns including Croydon, Bexleyheath, Lewisham and more. There are two train stations serving Bromley, the main one being Bromley South, which is the mainline for Chatham. There are many schools in Bromley, including the Bromley College of Further and Higher Education. There are two outstanding Media arts schools the Ravensbourne school and the Hayes School. The most notable landmark is the St Peter and St Paul parish church, which was rebuilt back in the fifties, and being destroyed in World War Two. Bromley is the biggest suburban of the London region, it stretches from the crystal place to the Crave valley when observe according the west and east.  It is widen and also include the boundaries of Kent scenery in the south, where the greatest treasure of suburban London lies.

Places to visit in Bromley:

High Elms Country Park:This Park is quite large which makes it consume your several hours to explore. It has an extremely wonderful café which provides delicious meals and snacks plus it is dog friendly. It’s the place for the nature lovers as it leads you closer to the greenery , plus the best place for the children as they can run and climb trees over here.

Chislehurst Caves: Chislehurst caves is one of the most famous places since a century in bromley. A bullets unload in World War I, an exclusive air-raid cover in World War II, plus more lately a music as well as film set venue, these are caves have become a family friendly attraction with hourly tours.

Church House Gardens:It’s a nice large park with the beautiful lake with add the charm to this place. If you are a nature lover and looking for some park where you can sit, relax and enjoy, then church house garden is the right place for you.

The Old Bromley College: The old bromley college is in the high street but it’s a bit out-of-the-way locally. A Grade I building, the history of the college starts from the seventeenth century and was formerly for widows of local clergymen. Created about two courtyards, the college remains the loving heaven away from the reach of the outside world.

Tamasha: Tamasha is the best restaurant of bromley which celebrates the British rules, it’s an Indian restaurant, near Bromley TC, serves delicious rich quality Indian food which have the power of making you fall in love with it.  Moreover if you are unable to move after eating it, this restaurant serves as a hotel for you.

Down House:If you are a lover of history then down house will work just right for you. It is situated near the Biggin hill airport, and was formerly considered as a home of Charles Darwin from 1842 until 40 years later of his death. It is said that he has created one of his best life stories in this place and also created The Origin of Species in here. It’s a lovely place, perfectly created and meticulously preserved which gives visitors the same look as it was in Darwin’s time.