Burnley Car Hire

Burnley is a market town located in the county of Lancashire, England. The population of Burnley is about 74,000. It is situated about twenty one miles (thirty four kilometres) North of Manchester. Burnley can be accessed by road via junctions nine, ten and eleven of the M65 motorway. Nothern Rail provide train services for the four railway stations (Burnley Cental, Burnley Manchester Road, Rose Grove and Burnley Barracks) in the town. Burnley started developing from the early medieval period. The town first began to develop in the period of medieval where a large number of people coming from adjacent places started to stay here.

The best period for the town is during the time of industrial revolution, where it went on to be the most prominent mill town in the country. This is the main reason it's so popular today. One of the most important attractions in Burnley is the Queen Street Mill Textile Museum. This museum is home to the last remaining steam powered weaving mills in the world. Geographically it is situated about 21 miles (33.6km) from Manchester and about 20 miles (32km) from Preston. The place is amazingly beautiful and it is surrounded by numerous villages including Worsthorne and Hurstwood. Burnley was an important location for the cotton industry in England. This is why the Weaver’s Triangle is one location that is a must visit if you are interested in the industrial history of the land. The museums hold relics from the past of the town. Gawthorpe Hall and Towneley Hall are two of the best places to visit, if you are interested in the history.

Walking Trails:

If you are a more active tourist then you might enjoy the many walking trails that Burnley offers. But if you are not willing to exert yourself enough to go on a hike you can simply enjoy a walk beside the waterways. Since the scenic beauty of the town offers a peaceful environment, you can easily enjoy walks in the parks and next to the canals.

Places to Visit:

Out of all the attractions that Burnley has in store, the Singing Ringing Tree is a must visit. It is located about two miles to the South of the town’s centre. The architectural attraction is a wind powered sculpture that looks like a tree. Since the structure is out in the open, any wind blowing through it causes the structure to create various sounds. The different pipes create different sounds. This is what makes the Singing Ringing Tree a great place to see. If you are interested in ancient history, then this place is one of the best options for you as in case you are looking to know more about this small yet historical town then Towneley Hall museum is the place to visit.

Bus Services in Burnley:

Transdev Burnley and Pendle, are the major bus service providers in the town. There are excellent bus services to Manchester, where the X43 and X44 buses run from Burnley via Rawtenstall to Manchester. The bus station in Burnley won an award for infrastructure, back in 2003.