Burton On Trent Car Hire

Burton On Trent is a town located near the river Trent in the county of Staffordshire, England. The town lies about twenty four miles North East of Birmingham, on the West bank of the River Trent. Burton On Trent railway station is the train station that serves the town with two platforms. Burton believes in becoming the Jack of all trades, as they want to specialize in Football, and is also known as the second name for the National Football Centre from the year 2012. It has been in the business of Football right from the year 1888. Four different clubs have presented the town in the Football League. Two teams played as back as far as 1890 in the Football League. Cricket also has been their area of interest right from the beginning from the time they made a place in Football as Burton Cricket Club comes under the Burton and District Cricket League. In the year 1899, Burton Hockey Club was formed. It tends to support the on-going talent and willpower of the younger crowds, as it pushes the dreams of young Men and Women to become well-established Hockey players, as they have 7 Men's teams and 4 Women teams

About Burton On Trent:

The further education college in the town is Burton College, and more than thirteen thousand students from Burton and the surrounding areas attend each year. The main shopping area in the town is Coopers Square Shopping Centre, and was refurbished including a new roof back in the 1990's. The town specializes in Brewing and has a record of producing and supplying one-fourth of the total supply of Beer sold in Britain. The quality of water is of high standards since it contains dissolved salts.The town made a bronze sculpture which portrays an ordinary Craftsman filling a barrel with Beer and is positioned in the Coopers Square shopping centre in the year 1994. Since then the town has been very eminent for its Beer production and is very proud of its supply in Britain. A bridge constructed on the Borough road has a railway station, by which all the supply and access to tourists and other people are given to them since it is one of the easiest modes of transportation as it is located on the cross country route which adjoins Derby and Birmingham.

Burton Education:

Burton and South Derbyshire College is positioned right in the middle of the town. It has Students coming all over Burton and even smaller villages and towns nearby. The College has a speciality of putting their students at ease when it comes to fighting the battle in the real world as they allot their   Student's part time jobs which further helps them to understand the reality of the world. There is good news for all those students who are willing to learn and explore their talents since a University also has been opened in the campus of the college itself, which will not help the students to boost their willpower but even help them to get more focused in their lives. The town has come up with ways to improve themselves and become more advanced as the University Of Wolverhampton School Of Health and Wellbeing is situated in Burton Health Education Centre at the Queens Hospital whose forte is nursing.