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Bushey is a town located in the Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire. in the county of Hertfordshire, in England. The small town lies about three miles (4.9 km) from Watford, and approximately eighteen miles (29 km) from London. Bushey and Bushey Heath are very close to some famous film studios, including Borehamwood and Elstree. The children's BBC serie Grange Hill was filmed in the University of London, in the Bushey area. The original name of the town has been derived from which source is still unknown. But, there is a belief in the minds of the people that during the 18th Century, the town was loaded with woody area which resulted in poor lights on the local streets and there was no proper administration of the Police department. This resulted in the encouragement of robbery activities and became grave after a certain amount of time. It was a very bad scenario for all the people who passed the Bushey Heath. Although It's close proximity to London and having Watford located close by, Bushey has the feel of a small town. It is very well-known for Bushey Festival and one-fourth Marathon, which commences every July.

Bushey: Film and TV location:

The town is weel known for it being shown in the background scenes of tv shows and films,   like the scene in the Cannon and Ball film. It is very well-connected to film studios as well. The old Royal Masonic School for Boys is famous for its old time charm has been shown in various films which are very famous and are still watched by viewers even today. Children are specifically fond of these types of historic buildings where old time charm is shown as they can relate to it well. The Avengers are a very well-known action series for kids, especially has shown scenes shot in this area of Bushey. The area is filled with Schools for beginners, middle and high secondary. Bushey Films Studios in Melbourne is also known for its existence as it produces short budget films.  Bushey is connected with the town named Landsberg and Lechin.


Bushey academy, Bushey Meads School and Queen's School are the three state secondary schools in the town. Bushey is also the home of the well known Percell School, a very successful school for young musicians. Bavaria, which is located South of Germany for it's previous events, arrange student exchange programs with Bushey.