Cambridge Car Hire

Cambridgey is a city located in the county of Cambridgeshire, in England. The M11 motorway East of London ends to the North West of Cambridge. The city does suffer from traffic congestion, and because of this together with the fact that it largely flat , many local people travel by bicycle. There are many bus services available in the city, including several park and ride services. There is a train station in Cambridge named Cambridge Railway Station, and has direct links to London Kings Cross in central London. There are two universities in Cambridge, the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University, with over thirty thousand students attending each year. More than twenty four thousand students attending Anglia Ruskin University between it's two campuses. Cambridge, England is not a city which needs an introduction. The densely populated county town with almost 123,867 people (according to census 2011) is the second largest county town of Cambridgeshire. But the city is not famous for its population; the city is famous because of its student population and the scope of study in this city.

Cambridge, A University City:

A city is called a University City if the city’s 50% population is student. In Cambridge, there are presently more than 50% students and many of them are not even from the same city. Cambridge University does not need any introduction. In the year 1209, one the largest and most popular University, the Cambridge University was established. In the following years, more than 20 colleges were established. Within the 20th century, the population was increased due to the number of students residing in that city as a student or as an employee. With such an educated city, the city is well maintained and it’s a scenic beauty heaven. It is situated in East Anglia, behind the River Cam, almost 80 km north of London. With small water bodies and green fields, the city looks marvelous. King’s college chapel is one of those universities which just suites the location of the infrastructure, located on green fields just behind a water body.

Point of thinking is, there are many colleges in and around this city. This is quite obvious that the students would work and most of the students try to get a job with companies nearby, thereby improving the economic condition of the city. The simple words ‘with education, comes the wealth and with wealth comes prosperity’ is worth an example of this city. The source of income is obviously from any industry or any office. The students of one the top university push the thinking as well as working boundaries to the next level, which all together makes the city technologically much advanced. The area is rich with its software and bioscience streams which are not only one of the fastest growing industry, but one of the major industries that are highly needed. Early life in Cambridge, England started with a business mentality. That helped the city from its prehistoric era to grow rich. If you look up at the timeline of Cambridge, you will notice huge infrastructures growing from the prehistoric periods under the rule of famous rulers. This gave a thrust to what we see Cambridge today.