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Cheltenham is also known as Cheltenham Spa, and is one of the most popular towns in Gloucestershire. It is located on the edge of the Cotswold and the home of steeplechase horse racing. The horse racing is one of the main events of the Cheltenham, which is organized every year in March. The town is privileged to host many cultural events and offer opportunities to the locals and international audience to participate in events. Major events include Cheltenham music event, literature festivals, science contest and food festival, which gives amazing cultural experience and exposure to the tourists. A small river also flows through the town that makes it more fascinating and attractive place for the tourists. Cheltenham is an inland spa resort of parks and regency architecture, and is located within conserved areas of importance. Cheltenham is famous for it's gardens, horse racing festivals literature and music. The town welcomes tourists and visitors from the rest of the world through its range of exceptional services and entertainment. Whether you are looking for accommodation or recreational trip, Cheltenham is the best place to visit with family and friends. The town offers great meals and food for the tourists and once they visit this place, they surely come back to Cheltenham for the fantastic weather and spa. The wonderful weather of the town gives an opportunity to the people to travel to the city for better living.

picture of Neptune statue


The town inspires tourists and locals due to its spa facilities and it attracted lots of visitors to this place. It wouldn’t be wrong saying that horse racing in England began from this town and got popularity all over the United Kingdom. In history, the town was used by the American Army for managing their supplies during the World War II. The town has a wonderful climate with mild winters and cool summers that makes it a fantastic point for the tourists.


There are several small industries in the town consisting of food processing, electronics manufacturing, tourism and aerospace business. However, the town is renowned for its large government building. Though, the town is small but offers lots of employment opportunities for the residents and foreigners. There are high buildings, shopping malls and departmental stores in the Cheltenham town. The town is also famous for the night light and charm it offers to the people living around. Clubs, wine bars, restaurants and shopping malls surround the town and make it an attractive place to visit.


The town has very small population with a low density of people living per square mile. According to the department of statistics, Cheltenham population consists of diverse population, including people of Asian and European cultures. It is one of the secured places to reside and study in the United Kingdom. Lots of students travel to the Cheltenham.


Lots of students come to Cheltenham from studies because it offers lots of job opportunities for students as the town is surrounded by factories and offices. The students also enjoy the natural beauty of the town as the cost of the living in town is really affordable for the foreign students.











Places of Interest in Cheltenham:

Cheltenham Racecourse Hall of Fame tells the history of steeplechasing from the early nineteenth century. It also tells of the Royal connections and the history of it's connection with the greatest of Irish horse racing trainers, owners and the enthusiastic punters.

The Art Gallery and Museum has collections that have been donated by benefactors who spent time in service to The Empire in India, and retired in Cheltenham.

Pittville Pump Room is the elite of Regency achitecture in Cheltenham. This Spa building has views of the splendid lakes and lawns of Pitteville.

Sandford Park's Lido has beautiful surrounding gardens, and has one of the biggest outdoor pools in the UK. Also within Sandford park there is volleyball, basketball and a childrens' swimming pool.