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Chester is a city located in the county of Cheshire, in England. It lies near the River Dee, near the border with Wales. The city has a population of about three hundred and forty thousand, and was granted city status back in fifteen forty one. The major Industries in Chester are public administration, tourism, financial services and retail. These days a lot of tourists visit to view chester's heritage and landmarks, bringing business to hotels and restaurants. There are several main roads leading to Chester including the M56 motorway to Manchester, and the M53 to Liverpool, and the Wirral. The A43 road leads to the nearby town of Wrexham. Chester General Railway station is now the only train station in the city, with many services on the North Wales Coastline. There are other major services to London, Liverpool, Cardiff and Birmingham. . Chester is one of the best safeguarded walled cities in Britain. It has various medieval buildings; however some of the black-and-white buildings within the city center are Victorian restorations.  Aside from a 100-meter (330 ft) area, the recorded Grade I walls are practically complete.

There is much to see and do in Chester including stunning historical centers, design, mansions, parks, river travels, celebrations, theaters, a zoo, bars and eateries. In 2007, the Chester Council chose that this city would turn into a remarkable European destination'. With regards to this, Chester has several accommodation options ranging from hotels, guest houses, holiday cottages and breakfast establishments. Walking around the city wall, you can enjoy incredible sightseeing tour of the city and see all the significant attractions in the UK Chester Cathedral, Chester Castle, and the passage toward the east door, and the Roman garden. Chester Cathedral was built in 907 and rebuilt thrice since then. Its recent renovation started in 1250 and lasted 250 years. From that point forward, the cathedral has remained unchanged - just the bell tower was included in 1975 and a little restoration was held. Archway toward the east gate is a part of the city wall and crosses the main street of the Chester city. It was built in 1897 in honor of the commemoration of Queen Victoria. A clock built in the city is the most photographed in Britain after Big Ben. No less foremost is the Chester Zoo - the biggest zoological garden in Britain. It was established in 1934 and, to date, with more than 500 types of animals.

Chester Park is spread over 16 acres and is one of the finest examples of Victorian parks in Britain. Here you can see the tree-lined streets, blossoming bloom beds, slick yards, delightful statues, musicians playing jazz and a miniature railroad. The main roads are the same routes that were set in those days, while large numbers of the old medieval buildings and antiques stay right up 'til the present time for us modern-day people to see and marvel about. Chester celebrates its traditional heritage with theatre, workshops, dances, displays and children's events featuring numerous neighborhood and national entertainers. Local entertainment in Chester is found at its neighborhood bars. The biggest outlets of English funniness are local bars. If you swing to the urban spot, you should not miss the locals juke one another out for the most amusing Cestrian. Another action that you can delight is racing. Well, you do not have to race yourself, however Chester has exciting horse race line-ups during the weekend. These races are an incredible social and family leisure activity where you don't even need to bet to join the good times.

Chester has a bit of everything for everybody. From glorious nourishment, extremely popular sites to famous events, Chester's hole in England as a striking urban place is further communicated in the region's municipality. Not just will one praise its great old lang syne, additionally voyagers will turn out inspired of the inside's advancement to a prominent tourist metropolitan. Chester is apparently the richest city in Britain for archeological and compositional treasures protected right up 'til today from the time of the Roman occupation. Chester had an annual trade fair. In the middle Ages fairs were similar to markets but they were held just once per year where various people from all over Cheshire come to buy and sell.