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Colchester is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the county of Essex. It is famous for being one of the first Roman towns, and was called Camulodunum. It is one of the historic towns in Essex, England, a town with the population of 121, 859 according to the consensus held last year. It is one of the fastest growing towns in the Britain history and has noticed significant development since 2001. The Colchester town remained the capital of Roman Britain in the past and member of the European Town Network. It is approximately 80 miles away from the London and connected to the capital of England through A12 road. It is the best and nearest place from the airport for the tourists and commuters. These days Colchester is a cosmopolitan and cultural town with an excellent shopping centre. The University of Essex is is very popular and students are attracted from many countries from around the world. It is believed to be one of the driest towns in the entire region with precipitation is about 635 mm. Due to oceanic climate the weather of the town remains dry all the year, unlike other regions in the United Kingdom. The town holds a significant importance of the military garrison from the Roman period. It is still the home of the military training academy and one of the biggest military prisons located in the town. The town has been associated with the developments in Defense and had been used primarily as the garrison in old times. The town had played a strategic role in the military developments in the history.


Colchester is a home of United Football Club and became the member of elected parliaments in the General Elections 2015. The famous river Colne flows through the town that makes it an awesome place for the tourists. Colchester has many attractions and worth seeing destinations in the England. It has a unique history and culture which fascinates tourists to this place every year. Colchester has gone through many historical changes and emerged as the most modern town in the history of Britain. The town is experiencing several changes like the notorious Greenfield residential development. The town's major attraction is the castle, which houses the largest dungeon tower in the UK. William the Conqueror had the castle built originally in the eleventh century. Later in the fourteenth century, the castle was a prison building. There are 3 musuems in Colchester, the most popular is Tymperleys Clock Museum situated inside an Elizabethan building. The watch and clock display is very impressive dating back from the 1600's to the mid 1800's. The zoo at Colchester is one of the largest in the UK. It is very popular and famous for the white tigers and apes.

Sports and Entertainment

Colchester town has its own football club that emerged as a football league and major sports activity in the town. There are lots of football teams that play under the national football competition in the Colchester town. Colchester town offers great entertainment for the families and kids. There are many things to do for the kids and adventure opportunities for the tourists. It offers a wide variety of activities to meet up to the taste of everyone. If you are looking for fresh air and countryside atmosphere then this is the best place in the entire region. There are specialized restaurants, shops and fantastic places to eat.






Colchester Culture

The town has rich cultural resources with great museums, archeological parks, and art theaters and sports facilities. Tourists can visit the Castle Museum that holds many things related to Roman culture and history. The Gosbecks archaeological park is one of the best destinations in the town to see the culture of the town. It has preserved the Roman and British art with ancient temples that are worth seeing for the tourists. Those who are keen to know about the art and culture, the Mercury Theatre is a place for them. There are many things to see in the town like a Colchester beer festival, which is celebrated all over the town every year.