Corby Car Hire

.Corby is a town located in the county of Northamptonshire, in England. It lies approximately twenty three miles (37km) North East of Northampton, and about six miles (9.6km) from Kettering. There are several bus routes passing through Corby, including the X4 which goes to Peterborough, Milton Keynes and Northampton. With a population of 61,300 at the 2011 Census, it borders onto the Borough of Kettering. According to the statistics released in March 2010, Corby was revealed as Northamptonshire and England's fastest growing population. Sometimes known as "Little Scotland", the town was home to a large number of Scottish migrant workers who once worked and lived in the town.

Corby has undergone a large regeneration process in recent years with the opening of International Pool and Railway station in 2009 and also the Corby Cube Building in 2010. Corby High Street is one of the main attractions of this town is the Festival Hall which serves as movie centre and other attractive locations such as boutiques, night clubs, shopping, and sites to fill the leisure days during any vacation.Though modern day shopping may not have arrived the town, an open air market region which is set up every day except Sunday offer lots of goodies to those searching for places to get fresh food in the area. Also, one can appreciate free entertainment provided by street artists and nearby entertainers in the bandstand territory any day. Corby started a move from country village to industrial age town in the nineteenth century upon the approach of the railroads and the discovery of iron metal in the district.

By 1939, the town had developed from 1,500 people 1931 to around 12,000 residents. It was around then that the government redesigned it as an urban area. Corby's fortunes melted away for a period with the nationalization of regional steel organizations in 1967. By 1979, steel-production was officially finished in the area. A little steel tube making premises remained, however several industries in the steel business had vanished over the years. In 1991, Corby's fortunes received back up with the introduction of new and diverse industries which create more job opportunities. Today, it's clamoring substantial town of tough people of Scottish heritage, attributable to the vivacious amount of immigration from Scotland over the years. Northamptonshire, the English East Midlands region in which Corby sits, has a present population of around 680,000 people. It is famous for its historic buildings and nation houses spread all through the region. Both Corby and its district offer a lot of touring and visiting opportunities to travelers and tourist from the entire world.

The Railway Station in Corby was completed in 2009, has an hourly service to London, run by East Midlands Trains. There is another limited service to Melton Mowbray and Oakham. The University of Nothampton is the nearest university to Corby,which is about twenty three miles (37km) to the South. The University of Leicester is the nearest university to the West, and is about twenty five miles (40km).