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Coventry is located in the West Midlands, approximately 20 miles (32KM) East of Birmingham. It is one of the largest cities in the UK. The city is had a population more than 300,000, making it the second largest city in the West Midlands. The city is one of the furthest in distance from the coast in the UK. It is one of the famous cities of England and is a part of the metropolitan district of England. The city came into being as the result of Act of Local Government, 1972. It had been known as the capital of England in the 15th Century. The Coventry is located in the region of West Midlands and it is a 12th largest city in the United Kingdom. It ranks 2nd most populous cities of West Midlands with the approximate population of 337,400. Coventry has a wide variety of Galleries and Museums as well as attractive parks and historical buildings and it is also known for it's cathedral and medieval buildings. The city is ideally placed for travelling to other parts of the country, with links to five motorways. It also has excellent rail links including the local airports.The city is full of interesting places to watch for the tourists. St. Michael’s Cathedral is one of the popular tourist destinations due to its historic sculpture and art for the tourists. Its architectural design is quite unique and full of amusement. The Herbert Art Gallery, Museum offers cultural diversity and awesome collections of the ancient British world. Coventry has a maritime climate that offers mild winters and cool summers for the tourists. This makes Coventry a wonderful place for the tourists all year. Coventry has the rich ethnic diversity. The city has a large population of Sikh, Hindu, Muslims, White British as majority and people belonging to the Asian and African region.


Coventry is one of the ancient cities of the England and it emerged due to the settlement of Roman civilization in the past. Coventry was full of natural resources like rivers, greenery, moderate weather and abundant food for the living of the human beings. In the late 14th century, Coventry became the center of cloth trading and it boosted economic activity in the city. In the 19th century, the city became a hub for the manufacturing of watch and clocks. It remains an economic zone for a quite long time providing opportunities for the skilled labour. The Priory Visitor Centre is a great way to discover life in Medieval times in Coventry. The medieval remains of many buildings have been recovered here. Also the original Cathedral remains were discovered. The Priory visitor centre has a guided tour available and shows a coutyard, doorways and passages. Coventry has many attractive parks and historical structures including St Mary's Guildhall. There are many attractions in the surrounding market towns near Coventry including castles and historical buildings. The nearby town of Warwick has a beautiful castle dating back to the eleventh century.

Tourists Attractions

The city has numerous gardens and parks for the visitors. There are beautiful picnic spots and scenic places in Coventry. The Allesley Park is one of the most beautiful places in Coventry that is turned into a kitchen garden and a perfect place to spend time. The Brandon Marsh Centre has reserved a wildlife and nature conversation since a decade. The Draycote Water Park offers lots of sports and recreation activities like water sports, swimming, fishing and bird hides. The Hatton Adventure World is a place for the kids with animals, rides, displays and a number of things for full fun and entertainment.






Coventry Sport

Coventry is famous for lots of sports activities and a source of good entertainment for the locals. Coventry has a famous football league, a rugby union and league, ice hockey, car racing and cricket club for the sportsmen and athletes. There is an old hockey club, which was established in the 18th century and holds a competition among local teams in the hockey ground in Coventry. In 2005, it became one of the cities that hosted an international sports event.