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Cowdenbeath is a town located in the county of West Fife, is Scotland. It lies approximately eighteen miles (29km) North of Edinburgh, and five miles (8km) from Dunfermline. Access to Cowdenbeath by road is via the A92 Fife road off the M90 motorway, which is the Edinborough to Perth route. Cowdenbeath was established in 1820. It had a population of 1000 which later increased to 25,000 between the years 1850 to 1914. According to the UK’s Census 2001, the census locality of Cowdenbeath earned it a resident population of 11,627. As a football loving town, Cowdenbeath is best known as the home of Cowdenbeath football club though in a variety of different Scottish league divisions.The mineral resources deposit in Cowdenbeath makes it attractive to a wide range of industries. Other industries like ironworks and brickworks were among the industries attracted to Cowdenbeath. The town’s electric trams started running from Dunfermline in 1909.

Cowdenbeath’s medical practice is situated on Stenhouse Street where people have access to proper intensive health care. It has a library situated at the north part of the High Street. The Police Station relocated to former Co-op buildings at Brunton in 2012. Cowdenbeath has its post office situated near Brunton House at the southern end of High Street. Cowdenbeath has just about three primary schools in the town. The Cowdenbeath Primary School serves the southern area of the town while Foulford Primary School serves the northern area of the town. Others are St Bride's Primary School, Hill of Beath, and Lumphinnans. One of the town’s main attractions is the gym, indoor sports facilities, swimming, tennis and football activities in the town.


Also nicknamed as "the Chicago of Fife", The Fife mining is probably the high point in the town's fortunes. After World War One, the flu epidemic that followed it had the effect of reducing the town’s population over the following decades which brought an end to the mining processes. Most of these industries went out of production over a lengthy period between the 1930s and 1960s. As a result, many towns and villages in the Cowdenbeath suffered from severe economic depression. In more recent years, a lot of regeneration has taken place, and one of these sites at Mossmorran, an area just two miles south of Cowdenbeath, has now become a location of a vast petrochemical works.

Railway station:

Cowdenbeath Train Station lies in the town centre near the High Street, and has a service to Edinburgh every thirty minutes. The town has an eighteen hole (originally a 9 hole course) golf club, which was completed back in nineteen ninety one, and was officially opened in nineteen ninety six.