Crawley Car Hire

Crawley is a town located in the county of West sussex, in England. It lies about twenty eight miles (45km) South of London, eighteen miles (32.4km) North of Brighton and Hove, and approximatelt thirty two miles (52km) from Chichester. Crawley can be accessed by road from junction ten of the M23 motorway and the A264/ A2011 roads. The town is served by three train stations, including Ifield Railway Station. There is a regular rail service from Crawley to London Bridge and London Victoria stations. The museum in Crawley is located in Goffs park, and many bronze and stone age items found in and around the area are on display. According to the 2011 census reports, Crawley town had a population of 106,597 inhabitants.

Crawley History:

The town has been inhabited since the Mesolithic Stone Age period. During the Romans time, it was a center of ironworking. During the 13th century, the town evolved into a market town serving the surrounding villages such as the Weald. The town is situated on the main road from London to Brighton, and it attracted trade activities. This led to the development of coaching inns. It got connected to the railway network in the 1840's. Since then, the town has developed rapidly. It is also a town where great footballers are born and bred. If football is not your game, you will have to know when Crawley town club beat Manchester United. The town got divided into two that is East and West and also several roundabouts happen to be unique in their ways. For instance, the Fleming Way Roundabout is inhabited by live rabbits.

Facts about Crawley:

The local government- The town is governed by the local government which formed by governments acts in 1972. The mayor then led the local government, and then it proceeded to receive the coat of arms ordained by the College of Heralds. The large town was formed as a lamination of the Bewbush and the Broadfield areas that created a formidable force. The economy- The town situated in the South East England boost of a healthy economy status. unemployment also been low due to its variety of businesses boom.  Numerous opportunities have emerged in the transport, warehousing and the distribution industries.The transport system- The town is well endowed with a vast and networked transport system ranging from road, the railway to the air. where Crawley's train station is always open on a 24-hour basis. The transport system is very crucial as it provides valuable opportunities to locals to execute their daily activities. It also plays a fulcrum role of connecting the iron and other manufactured to the desired market.

Crawley is vested with several attractive and good looking bars. The main modern ones are the Old Punchbowl and the Goff manor. You don't have to choose between the town and the countryside since it’s near London.The town is home for the homeless, The Bridge House is known to be very hospitable for homeless people.. The town Heritage- To discover the intrigues of the town, there is a museum based in Crawley, where old artifacts used during the Stone Age are stored. It displays how the inhabitants participated in the mining of bronze and other minerals.The education system- The town boasts of a broad and diverse education system rolling out from junior schools all the way to tertiary institutions.  Some of the famous schools in the region include Holy Trinity church of England, high school, and Thomas Bennett community college. The media- Do you concur with the adage when they narrate how information is power.  If yes, then Crawley has not been left behind either as it boosts of free media comprising of newspapers, radio, and television. The Simmins newspaper is one of the famous newspapers in the area  with an extensive, authoritative coverage.