Crewe Car Hire

Crewe is a town located in the county of Cheshire, in England. Crewe town has a rich history of capitalists and a huge population of the working class. The town is located in Cheshire England near Chester. It has an estimated population of around 100,000 people. For a long time, the town was renown for its forefront position in the railway industry, with lines connecting the best trains in the world. Today the town has transformed into a new face with kebab shops and other small business shops. Getting around the town shouldn’t take you much time because the town is relatively small. Most shops and services are within a walking distance. Most shops located along the streets sell general merchandise. If you love open space shopping, there are small outdoor markets that sell small merchandise and produce. For someone looking for a nice place to enjoy meals, then eateries such as Macdonald and KFC come in handy. There are also other small cafeterias and restaurants.

The town also enjoys from a number of social amenities. There are a number of sports centres such as the soccer club that allows sports enthusiasts as members. Crewe town has also managed to have their home soccer team play in league 1. Crewe is home to the Alexandra stadium. The NHS hospital is one of the oldest health facilities in the town, though it was ranked poorly amongst other hospitals in the country. The town, through the town council which was constituted in 2013 provides other services such as parking, rubbish collection, cleaning and water services. The road network in the town is fairly developed, with roads inter-linking the town. The M6 motorway is only a few metres away from the town and opens up the town to other parts of the country. The Victoria Park also offers a calming and natural environment for those who want to unwind from the busy activities of the town. The attractive park is located towards the south-west of the town.

The old railway museum is also another interesting site one can visit. It attracts both local and international tourists eager to learn about the history of locomotives. Inside the museum, you will find locomotives which were used in the 1930s, steam engines, old signal boxes, etc. The museum offers a wide range of activities such as bird viewing. People are also allowed to walk around the park to learn and for leisure.The Englesea brook chapel and museum also spices up the rich history of the town. It provides a place for worshipers and those who want to have fun. The museum is full of artefacts of the Methodist church. On weekends the place is usually a beehive of activities with school children who want to learn and host parties. For more activities one can as well visit the Crewe Lyceum theatre, Lakemore farm park and many other places.The town is famous for it's Crew Works, which is a railway engineering service for service and manufacture of Locomotives.

Today, the Crew Works still carries out inspection and maintenance of trains, but less than a thousand staff now remain due to large redundancies. A lot of the site has been sold off and is now home to a leisure centre, a supermarket and a health centre. Crewe Railway Station is one of the largest train stations in the North West of England, with a direct service to London. Crewe is under ten miles (16km) from the M6 motorway, and access to Crewe by road is via the A530, A534 and A500 roads. For evenibg activities, you can get their drinks from the various pubs in the town. Visitors coming into the town can also have a nice night rest in the few hotels and lodges found in Crewe. Popular rest places such as Holiday Inn Express.