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Croydon is a town in Surrey, about ten miles from London. It has very good public transport links and served by over fifteen railway stations. This means that the train stations in Croydon are amongst the businest in England. Croydon is one of the largest towns in the borough of London, and is also among the largest commercial districts in London. It emerged as the economic city and was popular for its business activities and shopping festivity in the South London. The nightlife is unique in the Croydon because its charm and activities it offers to the people. It remained a part of Surrey in the past and emerged as the commercial town since its inception. The town of Croydon was full of industrial resources at the time of its existence, which later on turned into an industrial area with car manufacturing, metal production, and molding business. Croydon has one of the busiest shopping centres in England, and caters for every taste and age. Fairfield Halls has an art gallery and is well worth a visit.The Croydon clock tower hosts the David Lean cinema, a modern library, a tourist information and three galleries.Croydon Palace was the residence of the archbishops of Canterbury and is over a thousand years old. Beanos second hand record store is one of the largest in the country. Croydon airport visitor centre gives you a fascinating insight into the histort of aviation.


Croydon has significant evidence related to Roman settlements and has strong influences from the Roman times. It holds ancient architects and a popular destination in the South London. The town was surrounded by historic churches and was famous for spa and gardens. However, since the development started in the borough of Croydon, it became an industrial hub of the South London with massive construction of commercial centers including Whitgift Center, Clock Tower, and Centrale Shopping Centre.


The town is culturally rich and has many art venues that represent ancient architecture including the Fairfield Halls, which built in 1962 to arrange many cultural events. It has a state of the art library and an old museum that is a piece of modern art. There are lots of theaters in the town, and several events held in the city throughout the year. The city produced many famous poets including Sir Authur Conan Doyle, D.H. Lawrence, Emile Zola and Cicely Mary Barker. Croydon has been the center of music production for quite a long time and holds several venues for musical events.

Sports & Leisure

Parks and green lands surround the town making it most beautiful borough of Croydon in London. The Croydon town caters lots of sports activities for the athletes. Crystal Palace Football Club is one of the famous sports clubs in the city. Croydon organizes several sports activities including football tournaments, water polo, and cricket matches.


The transport infrastructure of the town consists of Rail, Road, and Air network. The town has the fastest rail system that takes you to the central London in 13 minutes. Croydon has one of the busiest railway stations in Croydon. The is a huge network of buses in the Croydon that are used by commuters across the town. Croydon has an a historic airport that holds strategic importance and remained the part of Bir for air travel by the passengers, but it was used in the World War I.


Croydon has many things to offer to the tourists, including the Museum of Croydon, Eagle Pub & Theatre, Wandle Park, Golf Courses and a few movie theaters in the town. The awesome weather makes it an attractive place for the tourists with a many of amusements for the attraction of tourists. Croydon nightlight gives an ideal opportunity to the visitors to spend luxury holidays in the town.