Dartford Car Hire

Dartford is a town located in the county of Kent, in England. It lies about sixteen miles (25.5km) from London. It lies near the River Darent, from where it takes it's name. Dartford Heath is an area to the South West of the town, and is an Area of Natural and Outstanding beauty.The town is sandwiched between Thurrock and the River Thames. Dartford has a great history and it has continued to rock socially, economically and politically. The town is located on the lowland of London. It is surrounded by two rivers Darent and Clay. These two rivers meet at the town where they form a lake commonly referred to as the London Basin. It is characterized by hills and valleys illuminating an ideal viewing scenario for tourists.

Dartford is about 250,000 years old, and It existed a long time ago when bronze and iron were being mined and traded at the same time. It was one of the economic activities besides hunting and gathering. Several historical events happened in the town such as the peasant’s revolt which brought together people from different geographical places. This borough was a haven for economic developments as several industries mushroomed and many people got employed.  Most of these industries specialized in agriculture, brewing and chalk mining. Dartford is well endowed with several industries and other economic activities. Several investors have put more weight by putting up a wide range of businesses. It acts as an employment hub as many people have been employed in this area. The town has been associated with huge transportations of cement and paper making. Also, it has an excellent transport system that facilitates easy movement of people and goods.If you are a fan of art and beauty, then this town is a must visit. It hosts people from different regions and boasts of a wide variety of cultures. It is evident by how people wear, eat and socialize. For instance, several cuisines have been introduced in major hotels to cater people from different cultures.  The town is also known to host some sports ranging from football hockey, and badminton.  It has several football clubs that are coordinated by one federation. It is also a meeting place for worshippers of all religions. It has churches, mosques and shrines.

Dartford is well equipped with social amenities to cater for its growing population. For instance, there are so many hospitals that offer some of the best services. These hospitals are well equipped and operate on a full-time basis to meet the health needs of the people. Also, the town has several schools where young children acquire knowledge and skillsThere are three ponds within the area, and are Woodland pond, North pond and Donkey Pond, and have many species of wildlife between them. Darent Valley hospital is the main hospital in Dartford, and to the East of the town is Stone House hospital.The Fasttrack Bus service operates in the Thames Gateway area of Kent, and has two routes. Various measures have been put in place, to ensure the buses arrive at their destination as quick and safely as possible. The town has a lot of goodies, especially for investors and youth. The many industries and the rising economy is what compel many people to visit the city. Conversely, the town as continued to embrace the dynamic technology its features keep changing each day and night.