Doncaster Airport Car Hire

Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood airport is located about three and a half miles (5.6km) South East of Doncaster, and eighteen miles (28.8km) from Sheffield.

Airport Information:

There is one terminal with check-in on the ground floor, with Arrivals and Departures also on the ground floor. The Information Desk is located on your left as you enter the terminal building. There is a Costa Coffee and a Bar (08) in the Departure lounge. There is another Costa Coffee is the Landside Arrivals. There are several toilets (including disabled facilities) on both floors of the Terminal building. Doncaster airport has many shops on both floors of the Terminal building, including duty free shops in the departure lounge.For visitors, travelling from Doncaster Airport is not quite a hassle. Various means of transportation are available where travelers have a broad range of prevalence to choose. The following are the modes of transport available from Doncaster airport to the Doncaster city centre. Various means of transportation are available where travellers have a broad range of prevalence to choose. The following are the modes of transport available from Doncaster airport to the Doncaster city centre.

Public Transport:

Buses: Various bus services are available at the Airport, and they operate throughout the town to cater to the travelers needs.  The shuttle buses have numbers labeled on them for easy identification and to guide passengers. Mostly, they are ideal for travelers who prefer traversing the city since they are relaxed and comfortable. Also, they operate from the airport and the local areas as well.

Train: Train stations are not available in the airport. If passengers have the urge of traveling via trains, they can connect to Doncaster through the buses and board the train at their leisure. In this town, there are designated buses meant to operate twice an hour dropping passengers directly to the train station.

Doncaster Town:

Having to spend your time in one of the ancient and outstanding towns is the best experience one can have. Doncaster town caters for your family fun needs besides being a learning opportunity. It is popular due to its historic market in the southern part of Yorkshire in England.  This city is widely known for railway heritage, Regency and Georgina architecture. Also, it is a wealthy town with horse racing as one of the outdoor games. It favors people of all ages, and this is reflected mainly in the designs and the physical features around Doncaster. The settlements and suburbs of Doncaster are part of the borough of Doncaster. In the Southeast of Doncaster lies a modern international airport known as Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield. Although the airport is a distance from the city center, it is drivable hence efficient for any traveler. It requires a good and comfortable car to keep enjoying the travel. For first timers, one can book a car with reputable agencies and avoid getting lost in the incredible city. It is important to note that Doncaster is a good place to do business, socialize as well as relax and have the best fun in life.

Places of Interest in Doncaster:
  • Norman castles located in both Tickhill and Conisbrough.
  • Saxon church architecture.
  • Georgian and Regency architecture wealth which signifies the importance the town held in England in its days of glory.

A mansion house that came into existence in 174.