Dorchester Car Hire

Dorchester is located in the county of Dorset, in England. The town lies close to the River Frome, and South of the Dorset Downs, about eight miles (12.8km) from Weymouth. Dorchester has 2 train stations, Dorchester West Railway Station ( operated by First Great Western) and serves Bristol, Bath and Yeovil. Dorchest South Railway Station (operated by South West Trains) and runs to Southampton, Bournemouth and London on the South Western Main Line. Located between Poole and Bridport Towns, and along the shores of River Frome in the Frome Valley, Dorchester is a historic county town of Dorset. It is a beautiful town market that words might never be adequate to describe. Steeped in history and culture, Dorchester is well known for the serene environment with numerous visiting places, great eating places is home to ancient and fascinating history. A bypass road was completed to the West and South of dorchester via the A37 and A35, back in nineteen ninety eight. Dorchester is famous for being the birthplace and home of the nineteenth century novelist and poet, Thomas Hardy. The town is also known for 'The famous Teddy Bear Museum' which is a family museum with a large stock of teddy bears, including antique teddy bears to modern day tv favourites.

Visitor attractions in Dorchester

Athelhampton House and Gardens

It is no debatable fact that beauty is subjective. But I bet that all will agree that this is indeed a beauty to be hold. Beautifully laid out gardens,that are either walled or hedged are more than a welcoming site. The hedges are particularly enormous and lovely depicting nature at its best. The pavilion built walls are no disappointment either as they are wonderfully crafted; maybe an assertion of the effort by the craftsmen to show that their artistry isn’t rivalled. Variety is the name of the foods here, deliciously and beautifully cooked before being served by professional, respectable and friendly people with infectious smiles and laughs. You can choose to eat either in the restaurant or conservatory as the refreshing sweet smell of natures is wafted by breeze.

The Keep military museum

Looks are deceiving I think best suits this Museum. Small from casual observation is but a verdict many might be quick to give. But on entry the innumerable historical collections give a completely different picture. Dating back to the times of Hitler, the collections here give one a chance to relive the ancient times in the present. The excellent displays are impeccably arranged to give a maximal visual adventure. The staff, part of knowledgeable curators, are friendly and very charming. To cap it off, a view from the roof has panoramic views.

Dorchester curiosity center

It is filled with fairly prized commodities and antiques. A pop in will reveal lots of interesting things to both the passer by, trade gurus and a visitor. The sweet yummy and delicious cake might leave your taste buds bursting with sweetness and probably a gaping hole in your pocket. If you are daring enough to brave the cold weather and have breakfast then please do, fair warning, you might keep going back.

Jagos café.

Family fun has never better. Doubling as both a restaurant and bar at night, Jagos is the perfect place for a night out in Dorchester town. Courteous door staff, on spot service from the bar and restaurant staff, fantastic entertainment for people of all ages, guaranteed safety and non-stop energy packed entertainment. They food and drinks during the day are worth every penny especially for children. The only downside is that once you enter, you might be tempted never to leave.

Odean Cinema

Nice comfortable seats on a tier order is more than what one hopes for in most cinemas. This seat arrangement ensures no one will block you from catching a scene on the screens. Budget friendly with well-mannered and cheerfully staff is a bonus you get for the lean budget. To get one in the moment, drinks and snacks are offered at reasonable prices.