Dudley Car Hire

Dudley is a town located in the West Midlands, in England. It lies to the South of Wolverhampton, and is one of the largest towns in the county. Dudley is home to the Black Country Museum and Dudley Zoo. There is a 'Narrowboat' trip that passes through Dudley Tunnel. Within the grounds of Dudley Zoo stands the ruins of Dudley Castle, and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a reminder of the Limestone industry in Dudley. A former market town, Dudley is a large town, in UK that serves as the administrative center of Metropolitan Borough of Dudley. And, it is located to the South-East of Wolverhampton. It is hailed as the birthplace of industrial revolution making it an important prehistoric town. It has gradually rose to prominence over its interesting and fantastic tourist sites, events and even sports. Many a people have had kind words to say of the town upon visitation.

Places to visit:

Black Country Living Museum:

There is no better way to experience the not so distant past than visiting this museum. Ever crowded with people from all walks of life, the museum has well-manicured paths all the way to the reception. The exhibition and display are no disappointment for both the old and young get so close a glimpse of the past. The staff’s knowledge that runs deep and vast on buildings, people and history is but mesmerizing.  The gradual transition from present to past is but a beauty to beholder for the keen eye. After an informative tour, take time to peruse and devour the many delicious snacks which will definitely make you want to go back again and again. Dudley is a great destination point for both the sporty and curious or adventurous person. Words might not be able to even vividly capture the fulfilling tour and experience in Dudley. There is absolutely everything one can wish for in tour. Do visit and make your special memories.

Dudley Canal Trust Trips:

The true definition of fun to many is a venture that is entertaining, informative and appreciation of what you experience. A tour through the canal trust falls exactly into this criteria. The persistent restoration and conservation efforts have seen to it that this canal leaves to its reputation of a fan fair tour to all its visitors. The navigation in electricity powered boats steered by enthusiastic and skilled guides is more than a treat for all visitors. It truly is an exhibition and tour merging history and nature to one to give the best and most interesting cruise in life.

Dudley Zoo and Castle:

Many people have mixed feelings towards visiting zoological gardens and parks. Unlike most, this Zoo is one that you definitely will look forward to. Located on a fairly raised area, the climb to the top is both thrilling and exhausting. But this is quickly washed away by the beautiful scenery of both animals and nature from the top view. Interestingly, the improved grounds have a good car parking at reasonable prices and the transport to the castle is swift and enjoyable using either the road train or lift. The many educational sessions are worth the time dedicated after which you can proceed to the adjacent café and restaurant to re-energize.

Himley Park and Hall:

Immaculately kept with an inexpensive car park, a boat lake peacefully and gracefully flowing by, a breath taking surrounding is but what one can expect in the Himley Park. And this what you exactly get. Truth be told, one visit might never be enough to experience the thrilling fishing experience, the beautifully lawn golf courses, the sweet and friendly staff and as a bonus, a chance to visit where the Earl of Dudley lives. Give it a visit to enjoy this lifetime joy.

Crooked House Pub: A famous place for both the locals and the tourists. If the memories created here are anything to infer from, excellence then need to be redefined, outstanding service delivery, delicious and sumptuous meals professionally prepared and served by warm charming staff is not worth the meagre pay given. While there take a chance to make the memories last by taking photos by the grandfather clock and window to capture the cute sloping buildings.

Public Transport:

The bus station is located in the town centre, and has routes to many of the surrounding towns, including Birmingham, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton and many more. Birmingham International Airport is the closest large airport to Dudley and is about nineteen miles (30.4km) East.