Eastbourne Car Hire

Eastbourne is a seaside town in the county of East Sussex, in England. It lies on the eastern part 0f the South Downs, near Beachy Head. The town's main Industry is Tourism, and the seafront is made up of mostly Victorian hotels. It is one of the largest towns located at the seaside, and lies a few miles from East Sussex.  According to the local statistics carried by the local newspaper, this is one of the fastest growing towns in England. It is evident that remains of Stone Age have been found in the town. According to some resources, it is believed that the Roman remains were buried in the town. It is further attributed to the presence of the Queens hotel in the region..The ELHS was founded early 1970 by Sir William Cavendish. Since its commencement, it has published some books and journals regarding the history of the town.

The town is has some interesting geographical features, including one of the richest mineral coastlines in England. Minerals like chalk deposits are found in the area. Also, tectonic plates can be seen in the town. Eastbourne town experiences a maritime climate characterized by cool summers and in some areas mild winters. Eastbourne town is governed by the town council that comprises of seven elected councilors.  The town is divided into wards, and each ward is governed by a councilor. According to the constitution, the election of the officials is done every four years, and the officials are only allowed to serve for two terms. Also, the government comprises of appointed officials who are scrutinized by the public and private bodies. Having a population of about 100,000 people, the town has been ranked among the fastest growing in the UK. It is endowed with a rich economic background with several industries cropping up. For instance, Eastbourne town hosts one of the largest book production companies in England. Besides, it has a high number of industrial estates due to the rise in e-commerce firms that distribute goods in England. Thus, it is the leading town in England regarding employment.

The culture of the town is enticing and tourists who visit the town are overwhelmed by the package they get. The beach is the leading attraction, besides swimming pools and sports clubs. Also, there is a park where various animal species are reared. Are you a fan of raft competition? Well, raft competition is the order of the day in the town, and it attracts both locals and foreigners who enjoy spending time circumnavigating it. With over 100,000 exhibits the museum present in the town attracts numerous tourists across Europe and other parts of the world. The beach at Eastbourne is about four miles (6.4km) long, from Sovereign Harbour to Beach Head. There are many gardens and parks in the town, the first public park was Hampden Park, which has a lake, football pitches, tennis courts and a bowling green. Eastbourne International is a proffesional tennis tournament, which is a warm up tournament to Wimbledon. Access to Eastbourne by road is via the A22. The main bus company in the town is Stagecoach in Eastbourne, and has been running since two thousand and eight. The train station in Eastbourne is served by Southern, and there are frequent services to Gatwick Airport, London victoria and Hastings.