East Kilbride Car Hire

East Kilbride is a suburban town, located in the county of South Lanarkshire, in Scotland. It lies approximately eight miles (12.8km) South East of Glasgow, and near the border with East Renfrewshire. The town is located south of Scotland where it is sandwiched by River White Cart and river Rotten Calder. The town began as a small village and later grew into a huge town. The town is endowed with a rich history that traces its origin from the early inhabitants. One scenario that depicts this statement is the presence of several graveyards that are visible on the banks of river Kype. Also, the presence of Roman coins in the region is a clear indication that ancient people traversed through the town. Do you know the origin of the parish church? Well, there are historical doctrines that illuminate how the parish church began in this region. They believe that the church began as an organization under the St.Brigit umbrella. Like other towns, East Kilbride town is managed by the local government. The administration has its base in Strathclyde region. The country is divided into smaller regions, and each region elects a representative who represents them in the government. Over the years, the town has been governed by several politicians who come from different political parties.

East Kilbride is endowed with a stable economic status. It hosts one of the largest shopping centres in Scotland. Surprisingly, the town is linked by six shopping centres. The shopping centres are Plaza, Princes Mall, Olympia, Southgate, Princes Square and the famous center west.  The shopping center has helped in uniting the town as it has centralised all the trading activities into one region. Several trading activities take place in the mall ranging from civic activities, medical activities, educational activities and cultural activities.The town has well-established transport systems. East Kilbride has a well-built railway system that links the town to other regions in England. Besides, the town is encroached by three roads that link the town to surrounding environs. Precisely, the inhabitants are in a position to transact their daily activities swiftly. Also, traders find an easy time offering goods and services from one area to another with ease. Besides roads and railway, cycling is important in the region due to the presence of many recreational facilities in the region.

East Kilbride landmarks include: Dollan Aqua Centre- one of the earliest recreation and complex center.  Several leisure activities have been carried out in this area such as Olympics. Hunter House Museum- it acts as a hub to tradition exhibits from famous research and medical practitioners.St. Brides’ Church- It is one of the largest churches in Scotland and Whitelee windfarm- It is one of the largest shore farms in Scotland. The town has a train station, East Kilbride Railway Station, and there are service to Glasgow Central every thirty minutes. First Glasgow is the main bus company serving East Kilbride to many of the surrounding towns, including Rutherglen, Blantyre, Clarkston and many more including Glasgow city. The people in the town are proud of their football club popularly known as East Kilbride Thistle Juniors. Besides, they have other clubs that are absorbing talented youths and mentoring them fully. The town has continued to thrive each day as new trends keep cropping up in the town.