East Midlands Airport Car Rentals

East Midlands airport is located approximately thirteen miles (twenty one Kilometers) Southwest of Nottingham, nineteen miles Northwest of Leicester and eleven miles Southeast of Derby. The airport provides a large range of Facilities for tourists and business people and disabled passengers. There is excellent public transport services at the airport. East Midlands airport has one Terminal which has had improvements completed recently. Having travelled to many towns in the UK, East Midlands Airport is a town that got my attention. This town is endowed with a rich historical and economic background having started as an airport center. It is entangled between two cities that is Nottingham and Leicester. Besides, it is located adjacent to Derby town. Having started as a small airport, it has grown into an international airport with many visitors coming to the town. A study conducted by a local newspaper attest that the town is among the busiest airport hubs in the UK. The airport is endowed with a rich history having acted as a transport hub. It acted as a political and economic centre having hosted the first Royal Air Force station. The early inhabitants were mostly business people who had travelled from other parts in Europe. These immigrants activities triggered the town to grow as new commodities were introduced.  The growth of the town saw the development of shopping centers, public institutions, and other social amenities. Most of the land within the town was preserved to be a runaway for airplanes with the government having chipped in to develop the airport. The earliest passengers to be served by the airport were served in 1965. A majority of these visitors were on short vacation trips.

The core aim that made the government invest heavily in this town is the fact that it wanted to subsidize its transport costs. It realized that many travelers were having a hard time travelling from one region to another. Some of the travelers were on business tours, and the slow transport system could have hurt the economy. In the process, the airline was set up, and economic developments started getting realized. Besides, the airport was injected with numbers of airplanes that served several destinations within the UK. Recently, the town is enjoying massive turnaround of visitors with many visitors landing from different parts of Europe. The airport is also enjoying the development of various transport system. It includes the motorways, the railway system, and the road transport. For instance, the town enjoys a motorway of many kilometers running from the airport to different destinations. The town has a well-structured railway system that runs from different parts of the UK. Besides, the railway system joins the airport at some point. Mostly the railway is used to transport bulk products that are delicate for road and air system. Besides, East Midlands airport has a well-structured road transport that links to interior places of UK. Having constructed in the early days using quality tarmac and proper layout plans the road systems has continued to serve the inhabitants effectively. Many industries have cropped up due to the availability of the good transport system. Most of these industries deal with production while others do offer essential services. Mostly, they started as small firms offering services to visitors who were travelling to different places. Later, as the airport increased its activities, many firms also increased their operations. In the process, real companies were formed, civilians got employed, and the town continued to grow economically.

East Midlands Airport Facilities:

Informational Desks: There is a 24 hour information desk located in the terminal building.

Shops: There are many shops at the airport including a tax-free shop and a duty free shop.

Left Luggage: Each airline has it's own individual left luggage facility. The information desk has a lost property facility.

Car parking: There are short and long term car parks at the airport. The short term car park is located adjacent to the main terminal building. The long stay car parking has a free shuttle facility to and from the Terminal.

Money: There are a couple of Bureaux de change kiosks and several ATM's situated in the main Terminal building.

Communications: Telephones and Wi-Fi internet access are available in areas throughout the Terminal.

Disabled Facilities: There are disabled toilets, lowered telephones, a lift and hearing loops available throughout the Terminal. There are wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible taxi's available at the airport. There is a reserved car parking facility available at the short term car park.

Bus services: Bus services to Derby, Nottingham and Leicester are available in front of the main arrivals area. There is a direct bus service (the Nottingham Skylink) to Nottingham centre and the train station.