Edgware Car Rental

Edgware is an area located approximately ten miles (16km) from Charing Cross in central London. It is one of thirty five centres in Greater London, as part of the 'London Plan'. The famous Edgware Academy has a large selection of English courses, including Business English, General English and many more. It was one of the earliest commercial centers in Europe. There exist some scripts that depict how the town began as an ancient parish situated in Middlesex. In 2015, its demography was estimated to be 85, 085 with the town center being densely populated. The town is endowed with some recreational facilities such as garages, libraries, shopping centers and hospitals. Besides, River Brent is situated in this town, and this elevates its tourism status. The waters of the river are channeled by two streams Edgware and Deans Brook. Edgeware town has a rich history. According to some resources, it is evident that it has begun as an ancient parish located in the county of Middlesex.  Later its status got elevated from a town into a municipal town. The town has continued to rock with several social, physical and economic activities taking place. Early estates cropped up in the mid of 1960s while inhabitants were mostly business practitioners. It has continued to grow despite being ranked among the smallest town regarding geographical location.

The town is characterized by interesting demographical figures. Its population began rising in the mid 20th century. According to some resources, it is evident that most of the early occupants in the town were the males who had come to seek for greener pastures. The entry of foreigners compelled locals to construct estates that were meant to accommodate the growing population. Most of the housing structures were made using wood while the affluent used stones. The process of mining stones was expensive, and only a few could afford the cost of using stones to build houses. An administration was formed to govern the area. It was headed by a town Mayer who was elected by the people. The town was later divided into small units for easy management. These units were known as wards, and each was governed by a councilor. The new administration began constructing better housing facilities made of stone and metal sheets. The new structures could accommodate more people as compared to the old structures. Later, many outsiders began flocking the town as many economic opportunities were lingering.

Cuisines have grown over the years and new food elements were introduced into the town. .As the new developments hit the road, business entities, on the other hand, were flourishing very fast. Currently, the town is ranked among the fastest growing towns in England, thanks to the numerous economic activities in the region. Edgware is mainly a residential and Shopping area called the The Broadwalk. There is a large hospital in the area, called Edgware Community Hospital. Edgware Academy has special courses teaching students for various industries, including business management, marketing, and many more. Edgware Academy is arguably one of the best English language schools in the city of London.