John Lennon Airport Car Rental

John Lennon Airport is an International airport located in the North West of England. It is named after John Lennon who was one of the Beetles (pop group), and lies about eight miles (13km) South East of Liverpool city centre.

John Lennon Airport became one of Europe's fastest growing airports between the mid-nineties and two thousand and seven, with passenger numbers increasing from about seven hundred thousand in the mid nineties to about five and a half million in 2007.

The airport has many city destinations for the business traveller, including Belfast, Brussels, dublin Amsterdam and many others.

The car park is located next to the Terminal, with many spaces. For business passengers, there is a Premier car park and is located very close to the check-in area. Pick-up and short stay parking is in the multi storey car park opposite the Terminal building. There is WI-FI access in the Terminal building.