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Kilmarnock is a large town located in Ease Ayrshire, in Scotland. It lies near the River Ervine, which flows through the East of the town. Kilmarnock is famous for it's Johnny Walker whiskey which dates back to the nineteenth century. The town is also well known for it's publication of Robert Burns book, which was also known as the Kilmarnock Edition.

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The M77 motorway connects Kilmarnock to Glasgow. The main bus company in the town is Stagecoach Group, and has many services to the surrounding towns. there is a railway station in the town, and provides services to Carlisle.


There are as many as seventeen schools in the town including Kilmarnock Academy, which has a long history. There is one college in the town, Kilmarnock College which used to be called Kilmarnock Technical College.