Lancaster Car Hire

Lancaster is a city located in Lancashire, England. It lies on the River Lune, and the population is approximately forty six thousand. Access by road to the town is via junctions thirty three and thirty four of the M6 motorway. The city has long been a center of culture, commerce and education - the University of Lancaster being among the top 10 Universities of England. It also houses the University of Cumbria. Lancashire has evolved its name from the settlement of Lancaster. The city has a number of royal ties. A permanent Roman Fort stood on the hill where the Lancaster castle is situated since the first Century. Lancaster became a ‘Borough’ under King Richard I back in 1193. The city has an interesting name - ‘The hanging Town’ – the court of the Lancaster castle is said to have sentenced more people to be hanged than any other in the country (except for London). This is the reason the city gained this nickname.The city of Lancaster is beautiful in a number of ways. With its dark history, rich culture and religion and mesmerizing locations, it has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Places to visit:

Lancaster castle: comes first in the list of places to visit in Lancaster. More than a thousand years old, the building is located in the city center hill top. The building has historic and archeological relevance and is of international importance. For years, it has been the site of innumerous punishments, incarcerations and persecutions. Now, the building is open for visitors to walk through dark history of England.

Lancaster Priory: Closely located to the Lancaster Castle is the Lancaster Priory, which is formally known as the Priory Church of St. Mary. The Priory has been included among the Grade I Listed Buildings since 1953. The Priory is said to extend hospitality to over 30,000 visitors every year. The church is open to all and the vibrant inner atmosphere brings peace and tranquility to the visitors. It is the second most significant tourist attraction in Lancaster.

Lancaster Canal: A favorite pastime for the tourists, who have sufficient time at hand during their stay in Lancaster, is a walk along the Lancaster Canal. One can also go for cycling. The tour offers an amazing view of ducks, geese and swans swimming across the serene Lancaster Lake. The view of the country side is equally beautiful. After a visit to the gothic Lancaster Palace and the nearby Priory, tourists can take a day off and wander around the lake. The place is said to offer “unmatched peace”.

Public Transport: Lancaster Railway Station is served by West Coast Main Line, which is one of the busiest railway routes in the UK. Stagecoach are the main bus operators in the town, and has more than thirty routes within Morcambe and Lancaster. Blackpool Airport is about twenty one miles (33.5km) from the town, which is the closest airport to Lancaster.

University: The University of Lancaster has a three hundred acre campus at Bailrigg, built in the late nineteen sixties. The university of Lancaster is now one of the top research universties in the United Kingdom.