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We have an easy method of finding the cheapest online deals. London is the busiest city and the capital of England. It has a population of more than fourteen million and is a city of culture, trade and finance amongst others. The city has a history recorded for more than two thousand years. Since then to the modern day, it has grown one of the major cultural and business cities in the world. It has also survived civil war, fires, plague and many more testing experiences. To mark the new century, London built the Millennium dome in Greenwich. Also the London eye (millenium wheel) was built and became a popular permanent fixture and attracts millions of visitors a year.

About the city of London

London made the winning bid to host the two thousand and twelve Olympics. This was a remarkable achievement and will bring a lot of tourism and business to the UK. The city lies on the River Thames.It doesn’t take anybody more than a second to say yes to a trip to London. London remains to be one of the most travelled cities in the whole world. And that fact is not surprising, considering that it is also one of the oldest places in the world. 
So expect London to provide you with the best travel experience the moment you come here. It is where you can appreciate the highest of the most royal treatment, so to speak. Since London is the seat of Great Britain’s monarchy, you can almost be sure that you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll see, hear, and experience in this city during your visit.
If you want to have a deeper look at London, your first stop should be the city’s grandest museum, which is the British Museum. Here, you’ll understand more about London and what it really is before it becomes what you’re seeing now. There are other museums worth checking out are Tate Modern, National History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the National Maritime Museum.

Being the capital city of the England and the UK, it has more than 8 million people living in it. London is both a metropolitan area and an urban zone, not to mention being European Union’s largest city. London is the world’s premiere global city and its strengths are in commerce, finance, education, healthcare, professional services, media, research and development, transport, tourism, the arts, fashion, and entertainment.
Other than the museums, London’s numerous parks and gardens are also part of its most popular offerings. Almost every other borough has wide and luscious greens. For one, there are the Royal Parks that make up for the three largest open areas in the city. These are the Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and Regent’s Park. There are many other smaller parks that are worth visiting as well.
London is one of the richest cities in the world, generating an income of over $446 billion annually. Its revenue from tourism alone reaches more than $24 billion, as the tourism industry employs 350 thousand workers. They serve the 14 million visitors that come to London yearly, plus the 27 million that merely spends the night in the area.
Other than the parks and the museums, the attractions worth checking out here are the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Birmingham Palace, and a lot of others. The public transport system in the city is fast and reliable too, thanks to the strong network of roads in the area. There are also trains, cable car, cycling tracks, and river boats that can take you from one destination to another.



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