London Docklands - Car Hire

Car hire London Docklands is an online booking service for rental packages in this area. The Docklands are located in the South East and Southern parts of London, forming partial boroughs of Newham, Greenwich, Tower Hamlets and Southwark. The Docks were originally part of the Port of London, and which used to be the world's largest port.

Between the early sixties and seventies, the shipping industry used a new container system of transporting cargo, and London Docks could not serve the very large container ships that were used. The shipping companies then moved their vessels to deeper water ports including Felixstowe and Tilbury.

Around the early eighties the London Dock closed completely leaving a large unused piece of land. However plans for redevelopment were made almost immediatley over the next ten to twenty years, but it was complicated by a number of land owners involved. Later during the nineteen eighties and nineties a large part of the Docklands were developed into commercial, residential and light industrial areas.

The population of the Docklands has doubled during the last thirty years, because of the huge growth in popularity and has become a very important centre for business. Back in 2006 the Dockland brought out it's own free newspaper, which includes lifestyle, news and sport.