London Euston - Car Hire

Euston London is one of the busiest train stations in central London. The station has been open since the eighteen thirties, but the original station was demolished back in the sixties, and was rebuilt. The second phase of the present building was completed in the nineteen seventies, and 3 office towers and a bus terminal were added. Euston station sees a very large volume of passengers passing through each day, and has many facilities including an enclosed car park, a ticket hall, shops and catering facilities. The platforms are detached from the main concourse area, and is protected from the elements.

The flow of travellers is helped by the location of the departure indicator screen, which helps keep the people viewing the board away from the platform entrances. There are a total of eighteen platforms in the station, and numbers eight to eleven are mainly used for the London Midland and London overground commuter services. A couple of the platforms serve the Caledonian Sleeper, which can take up to sixteen cars. These two platforms are much longer than the others to accommodate the sleeper.