Kensington, London

Kensington is a district of Central and West London. It forms part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and situated within Kensigton Parliamentary Constituancy. Three major roads run through the district including Cromwell road (A4), which leads to Heathrow Airport and Central London. To the South of Kensington, Fulham road connects Fulham and Kensington to the South West areas of London.

There are three tube stations serving Kensington, South Kensington, Gloucester Road and High Street Kensington and are served by Circle Line, connecting them to the railway terminals in London. There are several bus services connecting Kensington to the surrounding areas, and the main bus stops in the district are South Kensington Station and Kensington High Street.

Kensington High Street is very popular for shopping with many upmarket shops as well as commercial business's. The high street is connected to Kensington road and begins at Kensington Palace entrance, and continues through to the middle of Kensington. Back in 2008 Westfield London shopping centre was developed and is now a major rival to the high street in Kensington.