Marble Arch, London

Marble Arch is named after the monument located in Hyde Park, close to Speakers Corner. The monument was designed by John Nash, and was originally designed to stand at the entrance to Buckingham Palace. John Nash designed most of the layout of Regency London, and designed the Royal Pavillion in Brighton.

Marble Arch was moved when the East wing of Buckington Palace was built, at Queen Victoria's request. The Queen needed more space for her growing family, and the monument was moved to the entrance to Hyde Park. The upper section of Marble arch was used for police surveillance, during a riot in eighteen fifty five, the crowd were brought to order by the police force, who come out from the arch taking the rioters by surprise.

The area surrounding the arch forms a major road junction connecting Edgware Road to the North West, Park Lane to the South and Oxford Street to the East. The Odean Marble Arch used to be the biggest cinema screen in London, The screen was seventy five feet wide, and showed seventy millimetre movies in a great auditorium. The cinema was later converted into a mini-plex in back in nineteen ninety seven.