Putney, London

The district of Putney is located approximately five miles South West of Charing Cross, in the London Borough of Wandsworth. Since around the eightee fifties, Putney was a very important area for rowing, because there was much less commercial vessels on the river compared to central London. This was due to the increase in steam powered boats at that time. Putney has more than 20 rowing clubs including Imperial College Boat Club, Vesta Rowing Club, London Rowing Club, and Leander Club. The University Boat Race has used Putney as it's starting place since eighteen forty five up until about eighteen fifty six, after that the University Stone was the starting point, which lies a short distance upstream from Putney.

Putney has many restaurants and pubs to choose from, including The Railway (Wetherspoons) . The Fox is located opposite with many large screens, which make it the best place for big sporting occasions. The majority of pubs are located North of the station, towards the river. Putney Heath is a woodland with open spaces, with the Telegraph public house in the centre. Richmond Park is located in the South West and is one of the largest urban parks in Europe. It has a golf course, and also some attractive old buildings.