Middlesbrough, England

Middlesbrough is a town located in North East England, and it's local authority is Middlesbrough Borough Council. It was the first town in Britain to be bombed during World War two, because of it's railway transport and the steel industry. In fact the train sttation was closed for a fortnight because of the damage through the bombing. Middlesbrough's town centre is home to a wide variety of architecture, including Centre North East which opened in the early seventies, and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (which houses the 2nd largest collection of Picasso's in the UK) was opened fairly recently in two thousand and seven. The town hall was built back in eighteen eighties and designed by George Gordon Hoskins, and is now a grade 2 listed building.

There are two large parks in the town, Stuart Park, Marton which was given to the residents of Middlesbrough in nineteen twenty eight and has been recently refurbished. The park has lakes, animal pens and Victorian stables. Albert Park was given to Middlesbrough back in eighteen sixty six by Henry Bolckow. It was officially opened in eighteen sixty eight, and has an area of about seventy four acres. Middlesbrough has been a university town since nineteen ninety two and is home to Teeside University. There are also sixth form colleges including Middlesborough College which is the largest, with Macmillan academy and Trinity Catholic College.