Oldham Car Hire

The town of Oldham is located in Greater Manchester, approximately seven miles (11km) North East of Manchester city centre. Oldham became a major boomtown during the nineteenth century, mainly for the manufacture of textiles. During the Industrial Revolution the town was one of the major centres for textile and cotton Industries in Britain. But by the Mid-twentieth century the industry was in decline, and it was nineteen ninety eight the last mill closed.

Facts About Oldham:

The town hall in Oldham is a grade two listed building, and was built in eighteen forty one and is one of the last surviving neo classical town halls left in England. The Civic Centre tower is a fifteen storey building, and is home to the majority of the local government offices. The height of the tower is over sixty metres, and can be spotted from as far away places as Trafford and Salford.

The Royal Oldham hospital is a large NHS hospital, and lies on the border with Royton. It was opened under it's present name in nineteen eighty nine, and was originall called Oldham General and District.

The town has several theatres including Olham Theatre Workshop and Oldham Coliseum Theatre, which one of the last surviving repertory theatres. Many famous actors have worked in these theatres during the twentieth century including Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, and more recently Minnie Driver and Ralph Fiennes.