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Oxford is a city located in the county of Oxfordshire, England. The city is famous for it's university, which is the oldest in the United Kingdom. Several technology and science business's are based in the city, including Sophos, Research Machines and Oxford Instruments, due to the presence of the university.

Places to visit in Oxford:

Oxford has a large shopping centre and many theatres, as well as the city being very popular with tourists ( about nine million each year). Queen Street and Cornmarket Street house the larger famous stores, with many smaller business's including Boswell's, which is the oldest established business in the city and dates back to seventeen thirty eight. The Westgate Centre and The Clarendon Centre are two shopping centres located in the city centre. The Westgate Centre has a supermarket and several well known stores, and is situated to the West of Queen Street.

London Oxford Airport is a small airport located in Kidlington, which also houses Oxford Aviation Academy (a flight training centre for pilots). The majority of bus services are provided by Stagecoach Oxfordshire and Oxford Bus Company. There are several other smaller bus companies providing services in and around the area. Road access to the city is via the M40 mororway, which is the Birmingham to London route. The motorway connects to the A34 major road that leads to the North of the city.