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Peterborough is a cathedral city located in Cambridgeshire, England.A unitary authority, the city stands over the Nene River, which flows into the North Sea. Traditionally, this heritage city happens to be a part of Northamptonshire. However, for ceremonial purposes, it is considered to be a part of the county of Cambridgeshire. During the Roman period, Peterborough was famous for its ceramic productions. The city produced Nene Valley Wares which were traded far across the world. Originally named Medeshamstede, there are high possibilities that the city was an Anglian settlement up until 655 AD. However, the Flag Fen Archeological site shows that human settlement started in this area before the Bronze Age.

Places To Visit In Peterborough:

Peterborough's twelth century cathedral has attractive architecture, and the west front design is well worth seeing. The cathedral is one of the major attractions for visitors. Also known as Saint Peter’s Cathedral, the site of historical import is also the seat of the Bishop of Peterborough. The cathedral was dedicated to Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew. With their statues overlooking from the gables of the infamous Early English Gothic West Front. The architecture of the building is unprecedented. It is one of the most important buildings from the 12th Century in England. Today, the Cathedral is much more than a place for prayers. It is a major tourist attraction with its astonishing architecture, widespread lawn and breathtaking views from the towers.

Peterborough city museum has relics that date back to the roman times. One of the oldest paintings is housed in the museum, it is a portrait of judge that dates back to the sixteenth century. There are many craftwork displays, some were produced by prisoners at the time of the Napoleonic war. This age old story teller has kept a record of the passing time and is another major destination that attracts tourists. The place narrates the story of the 150 million old marine reptile fossils along with several other equally fascinating stories. The Museum houses more than 20,000 items of National and International value. The museum is also among the finest buildings in the city. Flag Fen (sister Museum) is a site of archeological importance that records the history of last 3500 years and offers the visitors a glimpse of the Bronze Age.

Elton hall is located near Peterborough and the Proby family lived there for well over three hundred years. Inside the building there are many art works from as far back as the fifteenth century. The building has a variety of architectural styles including classical and gothic.

Exotic pet refuge is very different from the above mentioned historical places, the Exotic Pet refuge is a great place to visit, especially with the children. There are a variety of wild animals. The place is run by charity and the volunteers are said to be doing a pretty good job. The place is, however, not always open to the public. Therefore, one would need to check out whether it is open or not before visiting.

Public Transport:

Peterborough has excellent public transport, including a high speed rail link to and from London. Peterborough has a variety of outdoor activities amongst the beautiful countryside. There are many festivals, events and attractions for all the family. Many people visit Peterborough to see the twelth century cathedral, but also recently for the shopping.